Making VP Elections a Public Affair (updated)

A few days ago, I posted on social media stating that I felt it was in the best interests of McMaster students that those intending on running to be a Vice President of the McMaster Students Union for this upcoming school year publicly announce their intention to do so, so that students could, at the very least, know who their potential Vice Presidents may be, given that they have no actual choice in the matter, as it is the SRA that elects Vice Presidents, rather than students electing them at-large like the President.

I am extremely uncomfortable with the way we currently run our Vice Presidential elections. They're held in a very unncessarily secretive manner, whereby individual SRA members are contacted privately by candidates and talked to in a private setting about their respective platforms.

This makes it pretty much impossible for those students outside of the McMaster Students Union clique, (meaning most of them) to know who is vying to be their representative on extremely important issues.

Some of these issues that they are meant to represent McMaster students on include, for example:

Vice President of Education

The person elected by the SRA to this role is the key point person for External Advocacy of the MSU,

Vice President Administration

The person elected by the SRA to this role is largely responsible for ensuring Welcome Week and services, etc are running efficiently, and finally,

Vice President Finance,

The person elected by the SRA to this role is responsible for ensuring the fiscal health of the McMaster Students Union, drafting and reccomending budgets, and approving the expenditure of student funds on projects.

All of these positions are paid salaried positions, and carry with them the status of being Members of the Board of Directors (the "Head Honchos") of the Student Union.

Given that these are positions are ones that carry serious responsibility on students' behalf, significant remuneration, and that students don't get a direct say in who they will be-- I feel you, the students of McMaster, should, at the very least get to know who is vying to fill these positions.

As such, here are the names of the potential candidates, in last-name alphabetical order, that have contacted me with the expressed intent of running to be a Vice Presidential candidate for the upcoming school year:

Jacob Brodka, Vice President of Administration

Daniel D'Angela, Vice President of Finance

Inemesit Etokudo, Vice President of Finance

Jacob Klugsberg, Vice President of Education

Scott Mallon, Vice President of Finance

Aaron Morrow, Vice President of Administration

Rodrigo Narro Perez, Vice President of Education