Doug Ford is not your friend.

It's not hard to understand why you want Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals out of power. Selling off public hydro assets while allowing the public servants running it to make multi-million dollar salaries, underinvesting in our Healthcare system, frivolous wasting of public assets, and ignoring housing crises across the province — to name just a few — there's really not a shortage of legitimate reasons for you to want them gone.

But the answer to getting rid of Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals is not, if you're anything like the majority of hard-working Ontarians, Doug Ford.

Doug Ford does a damn good job of marketing himself as a man of the people. That he's going to look out for your best interests and fight to make Ontario a better place for us.

But that's in contradiction to everything the man does. Money talks.

Here's the reality of Doug Ford:

  • His family has money. Lots of it. We're talking mansions, $60,000+ cars, a mansion in Toronto, and a vacation house in Florida. (Wouldn't it be nice to own one house? The guy has multiple, worth millions.)

  • He's not going to stop selling off Ontario's hydro. (The NDP would)

  • He's not going to help you afford prescriptions. (The NDP would)

  • He's not going to help you see the dentist for the first time in years. (The NDP would)

  • He's not going to help you not have to make the choice between food on the table and paying your rent this month. (The NDP would)

  • He opposes even a $200 tax increase on people earning over $100,000 per year. (The NDP doesn't)

So what? Am I seriously saying that he can't fight for you solely because he has money? No — but I am sure as hell telling you straight that the man has never, and will never, know your personal financial struggles. He doesn't understand what it's like to check your bank account compulsively, counting every purchase you make to try and make it to your next paycheque. Wondering how you're going to make it work this month, debating if you can make it without your monthly transit pass or how much longer your car's fuel can hover on E before truly being empty. Doug Ford was born into stability and wealth, and he has never known your struggle personally, and he never will.

But he wants you to believe that he has. Only a rich man would think it's fun to act like a struggling everyday person. The difference is that it's a novelty for him. It's a reality for us.

When Doug Ford goes home at the end of the day, finished selling you his message of being a man of the people for the day- he's not retiring to his humble two-bedroom apartment or small house. It's to his multi-million dollar Toronto home. Or to a brief respite to his Florida get-away.

And that's why, despite the fact he will tell you he wants to fight for you:

Doug Ford is not going to stand up for you when you need it most. He's not going to help you and your family in your daily struggles. He's not your everyday man. He's their everyday man.

He's just good at pretending otherwise.